Client Case Study: Rugby Footbal Union

Description of the client and their business

The Rugby Football Union is the national governing body for grassroots and elite rugby in England, with 1,900 autonomous rugby clubs in its membership. The RFU employs approximately 500 paid staff and helps to train and support up to 6,000 volunteers whose roles include:

The RFU’s income is made up of funding from sponsorship, government, ticket sales from international matches at Twickenham, hospitality and catering and a travel company.

What were they looking for?

The RFU needed a cost effective training solution which would ensure that they were able to comply with the Green Guide requirements (the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds).

What we did

We identified a range of awards that would fulfil this need: Spectator Safety (at levels 2, 3 and 4), IOSH, First Aid at Work, Conflict Incident Response, Physical Intervention and CCTV Operations, and some apprenticeships in Providing Security Services. We hold regular meetings with the RFU in which we plan, amongst other things:

What was achieved

We have a long-standing relationship with the RFU; we have trained in excess of 1,800 of their stewards since 2005, and have become their Preferred Training Provider for stewarding. Our input has helped them to comply with the requirements of the Green Guide, and has generally increased the professionalism of their stewarding operations.


“Integer provide a top level service, that is understandable for people at different levels. They are incredibly pro-active in seeing training through to completion and to the required standard. They provide fantastic mentorship and student support throughout. Delivered in a professional, engaging manner, Integer is a valued and integral provider of event training”
(Danny Rumble, Learner, via LinkedIn)

“Integer have always supported me in ensuring the RFU comply with the training requirements set out by the Authorities. We have developed a good professional relationship over the years which I look forward to progressing towards the 2015 Rugby World Cup.”
(Nigel Cox, Stadium Manager)